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Modern encaustics are trending in the art world. “The body of work-Roman Paradise: The Garden Series-has  a monochromatic palette using white gold and yellow gold as an accent”, said Nicosia, who has produced encaustics since 2000. “Italian inspired, my encaustics have a technical connection to graffiti, which in Italian means to scratch or scribble”. The encaustic is a mixture fo wax suspeneded in oil paint. Diana Nicosia wields a palette knife, to layer and then scratch the encaustic. It is physically demanding work involving many layers of encaustic.

I have had the privilege to visit Diana in her South End studio. Diana Nicosia maintains a rigorous schedule, painting for long stretches each day. She told me, “Painting is  an inner necessity, giving strength to my soul and a meaning to my spiritual life. I hope my paintings give pleasure to the viewer”. I was mesmerized by the beauty of the frescoes. Diana’s work can be seen at and For more information contact [email protected] or call 617-450-0700.