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Modern encaustics are trending in the art world. "The body of work-Roman Paradise: The Garden Series-has  a monochromatic palette using white gold and yellow gold as an accent", said Nicosia, who has produced encaustics since 2000. "Italian inspired, my encaustics have a technical connection to graffiti, which in Italian means to scratch or scribble". The encaustic is a mixture fo wax suspeneded in

SoWa Boston promotes itself as all fresh, all local, all good. It was most certainly good at the art opening held at M Fine Arts Galerie at 61 Thayer St. with the opening reception for Diana Nicosia’s encaustic paintings in September. Serious art patrons attended the “Surfaces Revisited” featuring Diana Nicosia and Yves Crenn’s work. Long known locally as the city’s leading art community,